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Cleohad become a sinister young huntress, a chipmunk-stalker and adabbler after fish.
Ill just say I admire Jinny, and will he lay off, or else. I wish youd have a talk with your friend Jay.
Or her laudable griefover the sickness of the second child of Cousin Mary, who lived inIndiana.
Benjamin took to staying away from the business, to guard her. Only one of them had a bar, and this was the Laverick-Crileyestablishment. Wellgo up on the porch, like little mice, and not disturb the BigBoys. He saw Jinny snatch it away, but not tooswiftly, after what seemed to be a laughing debate. Whoever said there wasnt a lot of wanton in everygood woman? Jinny said reverently, Now is that a pretty trick!
Werent they seen leaving you two fellows shack at dawn onWednesday? The cottage, of pine clapboards apparently once painted green, wasairy as a birdcage.
The true American is active even in his inactivities. Im going to stay right with you all the time hes here! Benjamin was very sorry when she spoke thus.
Her circle felt that that was too many Indiana relatives toounexpectedly.
They couldscarce avoid meeting, with the swimming, tennis, canoeing. But I do wish she wouldnt so perpetuallyget herself ambushed by Nimbus and Jay.
We have a very fine old house now, and to get a new onewould be spending our CAPITAL.
For my own honor, if there is such a thing, but morefor HER honor and contentment. Howl would hate to havesomebody offer me a hundred-thousand-dollar bribe! I told him to go jump inthe lake, said Jinny, in a refined manner.
On her way home, with bottle, a policeman stopped her.
How can you insult her withsuch suspicions?
They say that if I dont go in voluntarily, the Marines will forceme to.
On her way home, with bottle, a policeman stopped her.
Doyou mean to tell me Frank Brightwing gets three thousand dollars ofour money? Ive always loved Jinny like an uncle,and I want to protect her almost as much as you do. 
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