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Lionel Roubeyrie lroubeyrie at limair.asso.fr
Fri Dec 1 07:20:31 CST 2006

I search to handle time series by associating dates to a masked array, but no 
set (directly) computation (sum, max, ...) on dates and have the possibility 
to search/select datas entries by date.

Le Vendredi 01 Décembre 2006 13:54, Francesc Altet a écrit :
> If what you want is extending the functionality of ndarray at C level,
> there is a complete section dedicated to this ('Subtyping the ndarray
> in C', chapter 15) in Travis' Guide to NumPy [1].
> [1] http://www.tramy.us/
> Cheers,

Lionel Roubeyrie - lroubeyrie at limair.asso.fr

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