[Numpy-discussion] seting the dtype for where...

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 15:04:34 CST 2006

Chris Barker wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to set the data type for what numpy.where creates. For example:
> import numpy as N
> N.where(a >= 5, 5, 0)
> creates an integer array, which makes sense.
> N.where(a >= 5, 5.0, 0)
> creates a float64 array, which also makes sense, but I'd like a float32 
> array, so I tried:
> N.where(a >= 5, array(5.0, dtype=N.float32), 0)
> but I got a float64 array again.

Well, it's consistent with all of the other coercion rules:

In [6]: (array(5.0, dtype=float32) + 0).dtype
Out[6]: dtype('float64')

float64 is the lowest floating point dtype that can hold the full range of int32
values (much less int64) without losing precision. Since both operands
("coercands"?) are scalars, they both get a say in the final dtype (unlike a
full array being coerced together with a scalar; only the array gets a say).

Robert Kern

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