[Numpy-discussion] lapack_lite dgesv

Tim Hochberg tim.hochberg at ieee.org
Mon Dec 11 08:01:43 CST 2006

R. David wrote:
> Hello,
>> Try replacing 'int' with intc (or numpy.intc if you are not using 
>> 'import *'). The following 'works' for me in the sense that it doesn't 
>> throw any errors (although I imagine the results are nonsense):
> Thanks, it works now !!
Great. Glad that helped.

> Sorry for non including the whole code, I just not wanted to annoy the whole list
> with bunchs of code :-)
Don't include the whole code -- that would probably annoy somebody. What 
you included was almost right, except that it should run on it's own. So 
nbrows, nbcols, DIMS and info all needed to be defined. That's all.


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