[Numpy-discussion] Python 2.5 on win and Gnuplot and alter_code1

hermann.ruckerbauer at qimonda.com hermann.ruckerbauer at qimonda.com
Mon Dec 18 04:44:35 CST 2006

Hello *,

Sorry for this maybe stupid question, I might still miss some
understanding of pyton or other stuff ...

I have problems getting Gnuplot running under python 2.5 on Windows.

My understanding is, that Gnuplot requires Numeric. Unfortionally there
is only a numeric for python 2.4 available on the net. This binary does
not install under python 2.5. 

Now I checked numpy, and it seems to able to act as replacement for the
numeric package. I'm not really sure if this is the old.numeric module
(just replace each numeric with numpy.old.numeric) or if this requires
some more changes on the source files (e. g. exchang numeric with numpy
and change some of the function calls). 

So I tried to convert my Gnuplot .py files with the alter_code1. But
somehow I'm too stupid to get it running .

First absolutel nothing happende when doing e.g. 
import numpy.oldnumeric.alter_code1 as noa 
No error message, but also no file was touched, altough the command took
a while to be executed.

As I had no idea how to give the top level I tried a little bit around
and copied the alter_code1.py into the gnuplot directory. And this file
was touched ...
It got the comment:

At the beginning of alter_code1.py, but non of the other files have been

After some copy and paste trials i added on all .py files in the Gnuplot
folder the comment from the beginning of the alter_code1.py. 
And now magically all files in this folders have been touched by running
the converttree. 
BUT: only the comment 
"## Automatically adapted for numpy.oldnumeric Dec 15, 2006 by "
Was added at the beginning of each file, none of the commands have been
touched ...

Does anybody have some hints for me to get gnuplot running under python
2.5 for windows ?

Thanks and regards


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