[Numpy-discussion] Python 2.5 on win and Gnuplot and alter_code1

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Thanks for the feedback,

The reason why I'm trying to use Gnuplot is, that I got quite some old
scripts with Gnuplot that i would like to reuse.

Everything I create now is matplotlib based ... This is working fine in
my config.




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El dl 18 de 12 del 2006 a les 11:44 +0100, en/na
hermann.ruckerbauer at qimonda.com va escriure:
> Hello *,
> Sorry for this maybe stupid question, I might still miss some 
> understanding of pyton or other stuff ...
> I have problems getting Gnuplot running under python 2.5 on Windows.

Do you have a special need to use Gnuplot? As it requires Numeric and
because it has issues with python2.5 and is not maintained anymore, I
don't recommend you using it any longer.

Please, have a look at matplotlib (http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/)
and try to compile it against numpy (http://numpy.scipy.org/). Note that
both of these are currently maintained and work great with python 2.5.

Hope that helps,

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