[Numpy-discussion] Newbie Question, Probability

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Thu Dec 21 15:08:15 CST 2006

A key thing to remember here is that each user has their particular set 
of "small things" that are all they need from scipy -- put us all 
together, and you have SciPy -- that's what it is for.

> As a user, I suggest that this becomes a reasonable goal 
> when up to date SciPy installers are maintained for all 
> target platforms.

All it takes is someone to do it.

Also, there was talk of "modularizing" scipy so that it would be easy to 
install only those bits you need -- in particular, the non-Fortran stuff 
should be trivial to build.

> Macs are 
> increasingly popular among my students

It can be a pain to build this kind of thing on OS-X, as Apple has not 
supported a Fortran compiler yet, but it can (and has) been done. IN 
fact, the Mac is a great target for pre-built binaries as there is only 
a small variety of hardware to support, and Apple supplies LAPACK/BLAS 
libs with the system. As for distributing it, the archive at:


takes submissions from anyone -- just send a note to the pythonmac list 
-- that list is a great help in figuring out how to build stuff too.


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