[Numpy-discussion] Newbie Question, Probability

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Fri Dec 22 03:47:33 CST 2006

Robert Kern schrieb:
> Pierre GM wrote:

>> Talking about that, what happened to these projects of  modular installation 
>> of scipy ? Robert promised us last month to explain what went wrong with his 
>> approach, but never had the time...
> I created a module (scipy_subpackages.py, IIRC) next to setup.py that 
> essentially just served as a global configuration to inform all of the 
> setup.py's what subpackages they were supposed to build (mostly just 
> Lib/setup.py, actually). I then had a script run through the various collections 
> of subpackages that I wanted to build, set the appropriate values in 
> scipy_subpackages, and run setup() with the appropriate parameters to build an 
> egg for each collection.
> However, build/ apparently needs to be cleaned out between each egg, otherwise 
> you contaminate later eggs.

So, to put it "pointedly" (if that's the right word...?):
Numpy should not get small functions from scipy -> because the size of
scipy doesn't matter -> because scipy's modules will be installable as
add-ons separately (and because there will be ready-to-use installers);
however, nobody knows how to actually do that in practice ?

<irony>Well that will convince my colleagues!</irony>

Please don't feel offended, I just want to make the point (as usual)
that this way numpy is going to be a good library for other software
projects, but not super-attractive for direct users (aka "matlab
converts", although I personally don't come from matlab).


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