[Numpy-discussion] Newbie Question, Probability

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Sat Dec 23 00:26:45 CST 2006

Sven Schreiber wrote:
> Robert Kern schrieb:
>> Pierre GM wrote:
> So, to put it "pointedly" (if that's the right word...?):
> Numpy should not get small functions from scipy -> because the size of
> scipy doesn't matter -> because scipy's modules will be installable as
> add-ons separately (and because there will be ready-to-use installers);
> however, nobody knows how to actually do that in practice ?
> <irony>Well that will convince my colleagues!</irony>
> Please don't feel offended, I just want to make the point (as usual)
> that this way numpy is going to be a good library for other software
> projects, but not super-attractive for direct users (aka "matlab
> converts", although I personally don't come from matlab).
Don't worry about offending, we all recognize the weaknesses.  I think 
you are pointing out something most of us already see.   It is the 
combination of SciPy+NumPy+Matplotlib+IPython (+ perhaps a good IDE) 
that can succeed at being a MATLAB/IDL replacement for a lot of people.  
NumPy by itself isn't usually enough, and it's also important to keep 
NumPy as a library that can be used for other development.

What is also needed is a good "package" of it all --- like the Enthon 
distribution.   This requires quite a bit of thankless work.  Enthought 
has done quite a bit in this direction for Windows but they have not had 
client demand to get it wrapped up for other platforms.  I think people 
are hoping that eggs will help here but it hasn't come to fruition.  
This is an area that SciPy could really use someone stepping up and 
taking charge. 

I like the discussions that have taken place regarding documentation 
issues, as well as the work that went into making all of SciPy compile 
with gfortran (though perhaps not bug free...).   These are important 
steps that are much appreciated.

Best regards,


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