[Numpy-discussion] nested recarrays

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Sun Dec 24 19:22:05 CST 2006

Matthew Koichi Grimes wrote:
> (Newbie alert.)
> I'm having trouble making a nested record array. I'm trying to work from 
> the following example on the scipy.org examples page:
>   >>> mydescriptor = dtype([('x', 'f4'),('y', 'f4'), # nested recarray
>   ... ('nested', [('i', 'i2'),('j','i2')])])
>   >>> myarr = array([(1.0, 2.0, (1,2))], dtype=mydescriptor)
> ... but this isn't really a nested recarray, since you can't refer to 
> fields 'x', 'y', or 'nested' as attributes:
It is nested but, yes, it's not as convenient as attribute access.

> When I try modifying the above example by simply replacing the 'array' 
> constructor with 'recarray', I get the following error, which I haven't 
> really grokked yet:
The problem is that recarray is not analagous with array.  It is 
analagous with ndarray.

Use N.rec.array instead.


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