[Numpy-discussion] newbie: attempt at data frame

Eike Welk eike.welk at gmx.net
Thu Dec 28 12:54:55 CST 2006

If your main concern is to store scientific data on disk you might 

However, it uses numarray internally and a C library, which you have 
to build from source. (You use a Mac right?)

Concerning your code:
- Your two file solution seems impractical to me. I think you should 
just pickle your whole dbase object.
- Maybe you should write 'load' and 'store' methods that create the 
temporary file, Pickler and Unpickler objects.
-The __init__ method should then construct the object from a list of 
variable names and an array.
-Offcourse you need a set method.

more ideas:
- A special variable name 'time'. Then you can implement a 
getAtTime( varNameList, timePoint) method with interpolation.
- A 'plot' method that works like matplotlib's plot function.
- An extract(varNameList) method, that returns a new dbase object with 
only the selected variables.
- A companion class that can hold several time series at once to 
compare different experiments.

Finally, post the code to the mailing list. At least I would like to 
use such a class :-).


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