[Numpy-discussion] test issue

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Fri Dec 29 22:47:56 CST 2006

belinda thom wrote:
> Eric,
> Thanks for the well-thought-out answers to some of my recent posts.
> I've been using:
> http://pythonmac.org/packages/py24-fat/index.html
> for installing scipy, numpy, and matplotlib, as I didn't feel as  
> confident installing things manually.
> Should I be using svn instead? (Is that what most users do?) And if  
> so, is there a two-minute tutorial on what I'd need to do to get that  
> stuff running on my machine? (The code I end up using needs to be  
> stable enough for classroom use).


I think the great majority of mpl, numpy, and scipy users install from 
packages, not from svn or tarballs.  I am in the minority. I use linux 
(presently Ubuntu Edgy, previously Mandriva), and in general 
installation from svn and tarballs is easy with linux for all three of 
these packages.  There is an initial learning curve when one has to get 
the right libraries and devel packages installed, but once that is done 
then subsequent updates from svn are not a problem at all.  I do not use 
Windows or OSX so I do not have personal experience, but based on what I 
have seen on the mailing lists it seems pretty clear that building from 
source--any source--on either of these platforms is much more daunting, 
and very few people do it.  As far as I know, your pythonmac package 
source is a good choice.  I'm sure one of the many Mac users on this 
list can elaborate.


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