[Numpy-discussion] numpy install on mac os x 10.4

Jeff Whitaker jswhit at fastmail.fm
Sun Dec 31 14:01:36 CST 2006

Christopher Barker wrote:
> Erin Sheldon wrote:
>> You can do this quite simply with fink 
> I've generally stayed away form fink, as it felt like kind of a separate 
> system within OS-X, rather than integrated -- kind of like cygwin.
> In particular, if you use Fink Python, can you:
> 1) Write apps that use the native GUI (not X), in particular, PyObjC, 
> wx-Mac, and TK-aqua.
> 2) Bundle up apps with Py2App, or otherwise create self contained 
> application bundles?
> 3) Universal (PPC+Intel) anything.
> Apart from "feel", I think those are the concrete reasons to use 
> MacPython, rather than fink. Please correct me if I'm got a wrong (or 
> outdated) impression.
> -Chris

Chris:  The answer is No for all three.  But for some scientists like 
me, who are used to working on linux/unix workstations, fink works 
well.  I like being able to just run 'fink update scipy-py25 
matplotlib-py25' to get the latest versions of everything.  Also, being 
able to run stuff remotely via an ssh X11 tunnel to my office mac, and 
have the windows display back to my home mac, is a useful feature.

It all comes down to what you feel comfortable with.  Choice is good.


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