[Numpy-discussion] Matlab page on scipy wiki

Vidar Gundersen vidar+list at 37mm.no
Thu Feb 9 16:00:15 CST 2006

===== Original message from Gary Ruben | 9 Feb 2006:
> Vidar's documentation is under a GNU Free Documentation License. This is
> probably a problem with incorporating it directly into the scipy site, 
> although Vidar was at one point happy to incorporate the MATLAB parts 

this was not the intention when i picked an open license for
it.  i'm not that familiar with the legal stuff, and i guess
when first used a GPL/GFDL it always has to be? i also
considered CC, but didn't want to spend a lot of time
digging into legal stuff: i wanted to make the reference
available and reusable to anyone.

i don't mind, i wanted to achieve openness and encourage
contributions and derivations, and be able to use these to
improve and update the original reference.

i need to update it with the new NumPy package, but i
haven't taken the time to buy the manual and start looking
into it yet.

will including NumPy commands be a problem related to
licensing on the NumPy documentation?

also, i'd prefer to publish it on a more appropriate site
(like scipy.org, sourceforge.net, or wherever useful)
when i feel the documents are more complete.
but note that this is not really a Numerical Python and Matlab
thing, but a framework to get from math environment a to
b. it could also (when i include NumPy) help transition
between Numeric/numarray/NumPy: this can easily be generated
as a separate reference (i use XSL and LaTeX).
(although i did this to support my own transition from
Matlab to non-commercial alternatives, e.g. Python and
R/RPy, Gnuplot, etc for plotting.)

thanks for cross-posting this to me, Gary. i'm jumping right
into this list, so please be indulgent if i seem uninformed
on late talks here.

A brief observation on "NumPy for Matlab Addicts":
The section "Some Key Differences" says nothing about
the amount of routines found in Matlab toolboxes for
Optimization, Control engineering, Wavelets, etc.
for these there are no real alternatives.

kind regards,
Vidar Bronken Gundersen

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