[Numpy-discussion] Re: NumPy Glossary Was:Matlab page on scipy wiki

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Thu Feb 9 21:32:01 CST 2006

>> In general, such things should be birthed on the Developer_Zone page.
>> This is where the front page directs people to go if they are
>> interested in contributing.  We're getting a lot of new interest now,
>> so posting hidden pages on the mailing list will miss new talent.
>> Items can move to Documentation (or wherever) when they are somewhat
>> stable, and continue to grow there.

>Why? Did you read the argument I made for putting it on the main wiki? How are 
>you going to get contributions on the dev wiki once anonymous edits are locked 
>out (which they will hopefully be very soon, before the wiki is spammed out of 

Fernando, that page *is* on the main wiki (I don't deal with the
developers' wiki at all).  Go to scipy.org, click on Developer Zone in
the navigation tabs, scroll down to DOCUMENTATION: Projects.

There are two reasons to put it there.  First, there are now many
people who are looking for projects to do.  This is where we can list
stuff we want to call attention to as needing work.  Once someone is
happy with it, they can link it from the Documentation page as well,
but it should also stay in Developer Zone until it's mature enough
that we'd rather people spent their time on other projects.  This is
the "work on me first" page.

Second, it might not belong on the Documentation page until it gets at
least a little review for scope, correctness, and readability.
Remember that too many stubs and apologies for being under
construction will turn people away.
> The less friction and committee-ness we impose on this whole thing, the better 
> of we'll all be.  Let's be _less_ bureaucratic, not more.

It just takes one happy person (you?) to link it under Documentation
(and one unhappy person to take it off, but that won't be me, in this


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