[Numpy-discussion] Re: NumPy Glossary Was:Matlab page on scipy wiki

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Feb 9 21:40:00 CST 2006

Joe Harrington wrote:

>>Why? Did you read the argument I made for putting it on the main wiki? How are 
>>you going to get contributions on the dev wiki once anonymous edits are locked 
>>out (which they will hopefully be very soon, before the wiki is spammed out of 
> Fernando, that page *is* on the main wiki (I don't deal with the
> developers' wiki at all).  Go to scipy.org, click on Developer Zone in
> the navigation tabs, scroll down to DOCUMENTATION: Projects.

I misunderstood something: I thought you wanted it moved over to the dev wiki, 
which is the first link on the DeveloperZone page.  I read the DeveloperZone 
page (on the main wiki) and thought you wanted the glossary moved over to the 
pages linked there, and since the first ones are for the Trac wiki, I 
(mis)understood you wanted the glossary pushed over there.  Sorry for the 



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