[Numpy-discussion] Behavior of array scalars

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri Feb 17 15:51:01 CST 2006

Sasha wrote:

>Maybe we can change ufunc logic so that when the output argument is
>supplied it is returned without scalar conversion.
That seems sensible.  Any objections?   It is PyArray_Return that 
changes things from 0-d array's to scalars.  It's all that function has 
every really done....

Notice that this behavior was always in Numeric...

a = Numeric.array(5)
a += 10

<type 'int'>

 >>> a = Numeric.array(5)
 >>> type(a) == type(a+a)


 >>> a = Numeric.array(5,'f')
 >>> type(a) == type(a+a)

So, we've been dealing with these issues (poorly) for a long time....


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