[Numpy-discussion] A proposal to implement round in C Was: Rookie problems - Why is C-code much faster?

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Thu Feb 23 17:28:06 CST 2006

Sasha wrote:

>Rint ufunc and ndarray metod "round" are in svn.  x.round(...) is
>about 20x faster than around(x) for decimals=0 and about 6x faster for
>decimals>0.  The case decimals<0   is slower on integers, but it
>actually does something :-)
Great job.  Thanks for adding this, Sasha...

I think many will enjoy using it. 

Regarding portability:  On my system rint says it conforms to BSD 4.3.  
How portable is that? 

Can anyone try it out on say the MSVC compiler for windows?


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