[Numpy-discussion] subclassing ndaray

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 24 07:56:12 CST 2006

I have a subclass Bar, a 1-dim array which has some methods and some 
attributes.  One of the attributes is a view of the Bar to permit 
different shaping.

Suppose that 'a' is an instance of 'Bar', which has a method 'show' and 
a view attribute 'v'. 

a ^ 15 returns a Bar instance, with its methods but without the attributes.

I am attempt to change this, Bar has a method __xor__, see below:

      def __xor__(self, other):
        ''' Exclusive or: __xor__(x, y) => x ^ y . '''
    <<  this loops to the recursion limit
        result= ArrayType.__xor__(self, other)
        n= self.n
        result.n= n
        result.rowSize= self.rowSize
        result.show= self.show
        result.v= _n.reshape(result.view(), (n*n, n*n))
        return result

Could anyone suggest a workaround please?

Colin W.

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