[Numpy-discussion] wiki page for record arrays

Gary Ruben gruben at bigpond.net.au
Tue Feb 21 15:18:02 CST 2006

Thanks Stéfan,

I find this much better now. However, I'd like to hear suggestions from 
others if they can think of ways of further improving the style since I 
see this as a template for future tutorials.

I'll just note that ipython on my windows systems doesn't do the syntax 
colouring the same, so if I was to make a similarly styled tutorial, 
there would be some variation in colouring. I also think others would be 
likely to use the default >>> Python prompt. I don't think this minor 
variation in styles would detract from getting the information across, 
so I wouldn't advocate trying to lock authors into any particular style.

Good work,

Stefan van der Walt wrote:
> Hi Gary
> Thanks for your suggestions.  I incorporated them.
> Stéfan

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