[Numpy-discussion] Timings for various round functions

Sasha ndarray at mac.com
Wed Feb 22 23:39:03 CST 2006

On 2/23/06, Travis Oliphant <oliphant.travis at ieee.org> wrote:
> ...
> I think we have agreed that C99 functions are good candidates to become
> ufuncs.  The only problem is figuring out what to do on platforms that
> don't define them.

I was going to ask this question myself, but then realized that the
answer is in the source code: for functions missing on a platform
numpy provides its own implementations.  (See for example a comment in
umathmodule "if C99 extensions not available then define dummy
functions...") I was going to just use rint instead of round and
nearbyint on platforms that dont have them.

> For example, we could define a separate module of C99 functions that is
> only available on certain platforms.

This is certainly the easiest to implement option, but we don't want
make numpy users  worry about portability of their code.

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