[Numpy-discussion] inconsistent use of axis= keyword argument?

Gary Ruben gruben at bigpond.net.au
Thu Feb 23 17:00:04 CST 2006

>> Have you thought of a nice way to generate html from the xml source to 
>> incorporate this into the scipy website?
> that's easy, i'll do it tomorrow.

Hi Vidar,
I can open it now. Excellent. I can still see a couple of references to 
numarray and Numeric in there which should be removed if possible, 
including in the title.

Regarding an html version: It would be nice to gerenate as much 
cross-reference material as possible out of the XML source. I don't 
think there will be space for all the alternatives on a single html 
page, so maybe you could generate separate html files for numpy versus 
Matlab/Octave, numpy versus IDL, numpy versus R. Have you kept the 
Numeric version in the source? If so, maybe you could also generate 
numpy versus Numeric. Another idea is to put the numpy column in one 
frame and all the others together in a frame next to it which can be 
scrolled sideways to reveal the other environment of choice. Another 
more difficult idea is to put some javascript in it to allow selection 
but this is probably not worth the effort.

>> We'd need a way of making the xml editable via a wiki interface
>> and automatically generating multiple views or something.
> hmmm... :)

Yes; hmmm is right. Actually, I'm sure that's a bad idea. It's better if 
you maintain control of the original, otherwise it will lose utility for 
you as a general purpose cross reference which we, the lucky numpy users 
get a side benefit from.

Gary R.

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