[Numpy-discussion] Slow performance in array protocol with string arrays

Gary Strangman strang at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Wed Jan 4 10:30:11 CST 2006

> Which brings up another curiosity: I'm all in favor of not having arbitrary 
> limits on anything, but I'm curious what the largest rank NumPy array anyone 
> has ever had a real use for is? I don't think I've ever used rank > 3, or 
> maybe 4.
> Anyone have a use case for a very large rank array?

Depends on your definition of "very". In neuroimaging at least, rank 4 is 
a standard dataset "unit" (3D+time). If you then include subjects, 
replications (same day), and sessions (i.e., testing on different days), 
that's rank=7. Can't say as I've ever reached 10 though. ;-)


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