[Numpy-discussion] Two bugs in numpy 0.9.2 and a suggestion.

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 12 06:30:04 CST 2006

Paulo J. S. Silva wrote:

>I have just installed numpy 0.9.2 in my system. Thanks for the good
>work. I think I got two bugs:
>1) In the numpy.linalg method the cholesky decomposition doesn't work
>because the function triu is not available from numpy.core. If you add a
>line "from numpy import triu" on the top of the linalg.py file (with the
>other imports), it starts working.
>2) If you try to instantiate a ndarray with weird parameters it can
>segfault and abort the interpreter. For example try to do the following:
>a = arange(10.)
>b = ndarray(a)
>Now the suggestion. What about adding a "transpose" property (in the
>Python parlance) to ndarray objects? I would call it "t". 
Or "T" to distinguish properties, which require no parentheses, from 
methods, whch do require parentheses?

Colin W.

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