[Numpy-discussion] Numpy and the old scipy

Andrea Riciputi ariciputi at pito.com
Fri Jan 13 01:04:02 CST 2006

Hi all,
I'm a long time Numeric and SciPy user and I've been following with  
interest the development of the new Numpy package since last year  
when Travis started rewriting Numeric (thanks a lot Travis!).

Now that Numpy seems in a quite-ready state I'd like to give it a try  
(and hopefully help the developer in the bug fixing cycle). However I  
remember that in its early days (when it was still named scipy_core)  
it was not possible to install both the old scipy version (I mean  
version 0.3.2) and the new one.

Since I use both Numeric and SciPy (the old one) on a daily basis for  
my job, I'd like to know if it's still the case, or if it is now  
possible to install the new numpy package side by side with the old  
scipy (and Numeric as well).


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