[Numpy-discussion] Numpy x Matlab: some synthetic benchmarks

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Wed Jan 18 10:16:03 CST 2006

Paulo Jose da Silva e Silva wrote:

>Travis asked me to benchmark numpy versus matlab in some basic linear
>algebra operations. Here are the resuts for matrices/vectors of
>dimensions 5, 50 and 500:

Hi Paulo,

Will you run these again with the latest SVN version of numpy.   I 
couldn't figure out why a copy was being made on transpose (because it 
shouldn't have been).  Then, I dug deep into the PyArray_FromAny code 
and found bad logic in when a copy was needed that was causing an 
inappropriate copy.

I fixed that and now wonder how things will change.  Because presumably, 
the dotblas function should handle the situation now...


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