[Numpy-discussion] Numpy x Matlab: some synthetic benchmarks

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Thu Jan 19 01:13:03 CST 2006

A Dimecres 18 Gener 2006 20:55, Travis Oliphant va escriure:
> I think the indexing code will be slower because it is more
> sophisticated than Numeric's.   Basically, it has to check for fancy
> indexing before defaulting to the old way.   I see this as more of a
> slow-down than array creation.   It might be possible to improve it ---
> more eyeballs are always helpful.  But, I'm not sure how at this point.

I'm sure you already know this:


It is a nice way to do profiling at C level on Linux machines. Running
the Paulo benchmarks through oprofile can surely bring some light.


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