[Numpy-discussion] include file location and .eggs

konrad.hinsen at laposte.net konrad.hinsen at laposte.net
Mon Jan 23 12:27:02 CST 2006

On 23.01.2006, at 19:17, Pearu Peterson wrote:

> I don't know about setuptools but distutils cannot solve this  
> problem either without some extra code in MMTK setup.py file and a  
> possibility to determine which choice was used to build  
> ScientificPython. So, it's not really a distutils nor numpy include  
> file location issue.

Distutils doesn't provide a perfect solution, but if everyone just  
lets distutils put header files into the default location, and all  
packages get installed without an explicit prefix, then it will just  
work. Considering that I get next to no support questions about such  
installation issues, I consider the current situation very acceptable.

>> And how is it supposed to know where each of these packages stores  
>> its header files?
> Here's an answer to this question, namely, when numpy is installed,  
> then one can use the following code in setup.py to support  
> different array backends:

That's for numpy. How about Numeric and numarray? And how about  
whatever other packages need header files? If everyone makes up his  
own conventions, we end up with a big mess.

Another idea: considering that setup.py needs to be changed anyway to  
make eggs (because setup must be imported from somewhere else), why  
not put some flag "make_egg" at the beginning of numpy's setup.py,  
and depending on the value of the flag either use setuptools.setup  
and header files in the data section, or distutils.core.setup and  
header files in the standard location? That should suit everyone, right?

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