[Numpy-discussion] Numerical Mathematics Consortium vs. scipy and numpy

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Jan 30 10:25:07 CST 2006

Zdene(k Hurák wrote:

> the other day I ran across the following link ----> 
> http://www.nmconsortium.org/. 

Thanks for the pointer, it looks like a great project, let's hope it 
gets some traction.

A few thoughts that are NumPy related:

-- If nothing else, it's a pretty good  list of stuff that "should" be 
included in Stock NumPy (and/or the core of SciPy).

-- I notice they have:

Matrix Operations, like: Elementwise Addition, etc.

I don't, however, see any N-d array stuff: Too bad. (they do have 
"Multi-Dimensional Arrays Of Matrices" listed under present additional 
topics. Why array of matrices, rather than arrays of scalars?

-- I'm personally not thrilled with the linear-algebra focus: for 
instance the matlab style for the operators:

*  matrix multiply
.* elementwise addition.

I'd rather see it the other way around.

I wonder if we could get a Pythonista to join? In general, 
unfortunately, it looks to be quite commercially-focused: how does one 
get the open source community to be represented in this kind of thing?



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