[Numpy-discussion] Use of numpy, scipy and matplotlib (pylab) together?

Robert Hetland hetland at tamu.edu
Tue Jan 17 08:07:01 CST 2006

On Jan 17, 2006, at 9:54 AM, John Byrnes wrote:

> but rather to use:
> import numpy as np
> import scipy as S
> import pylab as pl

This may indeed be better (although I am generally lazy, and just  
import * them).  I would certainly be willing to make the effort not  
to be lazy if there was a standard convention.  Are there standard  
names for importing these packages?  I have seen quite a few  
different conventions in various peoples code.  E..g, why not import  
scipy as sp (instead of S)?  From the Numeric days, people often  
import NumPy (et al.) as N, matplotlib as mpl, etc.


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