***[Possible UCE]*** Re: [Numpy-discussion] Speed ups to matrix-vector multiplication

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Tue Jan 17 13:11:01 CST 2006

Paulo J. S. Silva wrote:

>It is good that my code was helpful.
>I have just tested your code and it seems to be OK now. I have written a
>script to test the dot function. I am sending it attached. Think of the
>script as a unit test for dot. (It tests correctness of the computations
>and verify the dimensional integrity check).
Thanks for the tests.  I'll make them unit tests and put them in the 
test suite..

>I am using the svn version of numpy now (revision 1923). I am still
>seeing slow matrix times vector multiplications if the matrix is
>What is going on?
Hmm..  I'm not sure.  What I expect to get called is the cblas_Xgemv 
function with Order CblasColMajor if A has been transposed...  Perhaps 
this is a slower operation?


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