[Numpy-discussion] New SVN (>1939) requires a rebuild of extension modules

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Thu Jan 19 02:01:06 CST 2006

A Dijous 19 Gener 2006 06:03, Sasha va escriure:
> +1
> I suggest a little more descriptive exception:
> PyErr_Format(PyExc_ImportError,
>                      "extension module compiled against version %X of numpy
> API" ", not %X", NDARRAY_VERSION, PyArray_GetNDArrayCVersion())

I also like this idea. I'd go a step further and add to the above
message something like this:

"...Nertheless, if you know what are you doing and want to allow this
extension to run, set the environment variable FORCE_NUMPY_RUN to 1
(will continue warning you) or 2 (skip all warnings)."

Of course, one should provide some code to check the environment
variable, but this should be not very difficult.


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