[Numpy-discussion] include file location and .eggs

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Jan 23 14:42:49 CST 2006

konrad.hinsen at laposte.net wrote:
> Distutils doesn't provide a perfect solution, but if everyone just  lets 
> distutils put header files into the default location, and all  packages 
> get installed without an explicit prefix, then it will just  work. 
> Considering that I get next to no support questions about such  
> installation issues, I consider the current situation very acceptable.

Except that there is no support whatsoever for multiple versions. It 
seems your complicated scenario was due to multiple versions. In fact, 
the one problem I've had with Scientific in the past was trying to use a 
binary that had been compiled against a different version of Numeric 
than I was using.

If your user is compiling everything, then there is no problem. If your 
user is using binaries, they they need to be labeled with versions. If 
they use the wrong one with eggs, then there is at least some hope that 
they'll get a meaningful error message.

If they are compiling MMTK against a Scientific and a Numpy that they 
didn't compile, then it's going to get ugly -- but I don't think it's 
any uglier than it is now.

As for improving distutils in the next go around -- I'm all for it, but 
why not have 2.5 include setuptools instead -- it strikes me as a next 
generation distutils.

I do agree that setuptools should handle the header file placement and 
finding for you, rather than each package having to do it on it's own.

and Andrew, thanks for all the info on setuptools and eggs. It's been 
very informative!


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