[Numpy-discussion] ATLAS binaries - where are we?

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Mon Jan 30 09:28:35 CST 2006

Matthew Brett wrote:

>I wonder if the forthcoming release of numpy is a good stimulus to
>revisit the issue of ATLAS binaries, as for:
>It seems to me that it will be very important to have ATLAS binaries,
>at very least for windows, which install seamlessly with NumPy.
>I am very happy to contribute builds, and can probably make a little
>windows compile farm at my lab (they _love_ windows where I work).  
>Would that be useful?  How would that best be integrated with the
Absolutely useful...   I suggest making a page on the new.scipy.org Wiki 
and uploading them there (to upload to the Wiki I think you create an 
attachment using attachment:<filename> Then, when the page is rendered 
you can click on the resulting link to upload the file).

We could easily place links to this site for downloading. 

The old SciPy site already had such a page of pre-compiled ATLAS builds.

Thanks for offering.


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