[Numpy-discussion] tentative numpy tutorial

Pau Gargallo pau.gargallo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 04:25:32 CDT 2006

hi all,

motivated by the lack of free documentation for NumPy, with some
friends, we started writing a tutorial, that we would like to see in
scipy.org. After some time, the project have started to loose its
initial impetus. Now, we put the current unfinished version in


with the hope that, with the help of other users, it will be possible
to build a useful document for beginners.

We are not Numpy experts nor native English speakers (as you probably
realized ;-), so the current version needs to be reviewed. Moreover,
there are huge holes marked with (TODO) tags waiting for motivated
people to fill them.

In my opinion, the lack of free documentation is preventing many users
to get started with NumPy:
  - Many NumPy features are only documented in the Guide to NumPy.
 - (In my opinion) New users are not going to buy the Guide before
knowing about this features.
So there is a kind of dead lock here.

It would be nice, if NumPy 1.0 could be released with a complete free
tutorial, don't you think so? then click the edit button!



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