[Numpy-discussion] Determining if two arrays share data

Bill Baxter wbaxter at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 21:39:19 CDT 2006

Often when I'm doing interactive prototyping I find myself wanting to check
whether two arrays are sharing a copy of the same data.

It seems like there ought to be a concise way to do that, but right now
seems like the only way is with a little function like this:

def same_base(a,b):
    ab = a.base
    if ab is None: ab = a
    bb = b.base
    if bb is None: bb = b
    return ab is bb

is there some easier built-in way?  Does the above function even cover all
the bases? (so to speak...)

It would be easier if a non-copy array pointed to itself as base rather than
'None'.  Then you could just check a.base == b.base.

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