[Numpy-discussion] Problems installing numpy0.9.8 on MacOSX (10.4)

Satellite Data Research Group satgroup at postbox.auckland.ac.nz
Wed Jul 5 21:54:30 CDT 2006

Dear Sir/Madam

I am trying to install numpy0.9.8 onto Mac version 10.4 and Python2.4 
and am having trouble doing so.  I had successfully installed 
inumpy0.9.8 on Python2.3, so am very confused as to why it is not 
working on Python2.4

After typing 'python setup.py build' and then 'python setup.py install' 
from the terminal I get a host of errors, whereas with Python2.3 it 
worked perfectly.  Then in python typing 'from numpy import *' then 
trying something like 'array((range(10))' I get an error saying array 
cannot be found, whereas on Python2.3 this worked.

I was wondering if anyone else had trouble installing numpy on 
Python2.4 using Mac 10.4, and if anyone could help me rectify the 
problem.  Help would be greatly appreciated.


Stephen Johnston

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