[Numpy-discussion] Speed degression?

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Thu Jul 6 16:49:53 CDT 2006

Arnd Baecker wrote:

>Bingo! Only numpy + math  is slower than
>Numeric+math by a factor 1.6 and mod-array is 2.5 times slower
>than numpy.
>It would be nice if you could have a look at the module operation,
>if possible ...

O.K.  I looked at how Python computed modulo and implemented the same 
thing for both umath (the remainder function) and scalarmath.

The result is a significant speed up for modulo...yeah...

I also placed in hooks so you can replace the scalarmath (for int, 
float, and complex) with  the Python version of math (this works because 
the int, float, and complex scalars are sub-classes of the corresponding 
Python object).  

import numpy.core.scalarmath as ncs

# Replace "scalarmath"  with standard Python arithmetic.
ncs.use_pythonmath(<int | float | complex>) 

# Replace "scalarmath"  with actual scalarmath code.
ncs.use_scalarmath(<int | float | complex>)

This can test the speed of the implementations.


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