[Numpy-discussion] Numpy subversion compatibility with Scipy release?

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 13:46:04 CDT 2006

Mark Heslep wrote:
> Is there any general sync point with development Numpy from subversion 
> and the SciPy releases?  Ive got Numpy and Scipy 0.4.9 
> installed with (I believe several) breakages, in particular:
>> In [8]: from scipy import special
> ...
>> /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/scipy/linalg/basic.py
>>      20      
>> conjugate,ravel,r_,mgrid,take,ones,dot,transpose,sqrt,add,real
>>      21 import numpy
>> ---> 22 from numpy import asarray_chkfinite, outerproduct, 
>> concatenate, reshape, single
>>      23 from numpy import matrix as Matrix
>>      24 import calc_lwork
>> ImportError: cannot import name outerproduct
> I suppose Scipy is not picking up the deprecation of outerproduct.  No 
> surprise that bleeding edge Numpy subversion doesn't play with a SciPy 
> release; I was just wondering if there generally used/known way to make 
> it happen.  Do I need to fall back to a Numpy release? Or move forward 
> on SciPy?

The releases are synched such that the numpy version is "twice" (by an 
idiosyncratic form of arithmetic) that of the scipy version. numpy 0.9.8 <-> 
scipy 0.4.9 .

The latest SVN revisions should match (it's a bug, otherwise). numpy 2761 is 
recent enough that an SVN checkout of scipy will probably be fine.

Robert Kern

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