[Numpy-discussion] NumPy beta release plan

Sasha ndarray at mac.com
Mon Jul 10 15:10:56 CDT 2006

I would like to add my voice to a call for single prefix (I like
PyArray_ for everything, but can live with npy_).   Presumably npy_
vs. NPY_ variation is supposed to distinguish between macros and C
language elements, but as long as the stem is properly capitalized, I
don't see a problem of using the same prefix for everything.

In any case, if more than one prefix is used, it would be helpful to
get some guidance on what to use when.

On 7/10/06, Russell E. Owen <rowen at cesmail.net> wrote:
> In article <44AF5BFA.70509 at ieee.org>,
>  Travis Oliphant <oliphant.travis at ieee.org> wrote:
> > 3) C-API names have prefix PyArray_ (like always), NPY_ or npy_.
> >
> >    The NPY_ and npy_ prefixes are new and were done to remove the
> >    likelihood of name collisions when NumPy is used with another
> >    library.  The old (and un-prefixed) names are accessible by
> >    importing numpy/noprefix.h  instead of numpy/arrayobject.h
> This may be too late or too picky, but...
> This seems like too many choices, leading to possible confusion when
> reading other people's extensions or the numpy code itself. Could you
> standardize on one (I like npy_) or two (if you have to keep PyArray_
> for some reason and can't put it in a backwards-compatibility header
> somewhere).
> Overall it's great. I'm really glad to hear you're so close to freezing
> the features.
> -- Russell
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