[Numpy-discussion] Startup .numpyrc file

Bill Baxter wbaxter at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 18:59:14 CDT 2006

On 7/18/06, Keith Goodman <kwgoodman at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/17/06, Travis Oliphant <oliphant.travis at ieee.org> wrote:
> > Keith Goodman wrote:
> Does anyone out there save the print defaults across sessions? How do you do it?
> Does numpy look for any startup files (~/.numpyrc)?

If you set a PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable then Python will run
the script it points to at startup of interactive sessions.

But I wonder if maybe some numpy-specific startup script would be
good.   My current PYTHONSTARTUP is importing numpy, just so I can
define some numpy shortcuts for my interactive sessions.  That's fine
if you always use Numpy in your interactive sessions, but if not, then
it's just dead weight.


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