[Numpy-discussion] What to do about numarray extension modules?

Victoria G. Laidler laidler at stsci.edu
Tue Jul 18 15:23:14 CDT 2006

I'm a numarray user that relies on convolve.

I would hope that one of the criteria by which to make such decisions is 
"make the transition for numarray and numeric users as painless as 
possible". Changing namespaces and introducing additional dependencies 
is not painless. Thus unless there is a *compelling* argument to move 
them out, I would leave them in.

(From the numarray-user point of view, it would be "moving them out" 
even though they aren't there yet.)

Personally I wouldn't think that "numpy is big enough already" or "it 
fits better in scipy" to be compelling reasons. So, +1 to include them 
in numpy.

That said, personally I would argue that convolve is qualitatively 
different from image and ndimage. Convolution is a common mathematical 
operation on arrays; thus I think it belongs in numpy.

If any or all of them are not included in numpy, I would strongly prefer 
a small separate package than to put them in scipy. I try to minimize 
dependencies in my code; I really don't want to suddenly depend on all 
of scipy just so I can do a convolution!

Vicki Laidler

Travis Oliphant wrote:

>I'd like to get suggestions about what to do about the remaining 
>numarray extension modules that are not addressed in NumPy (convolve, 
>image, nd_image).   There will be people coming from numarray that will 
>be using these modules.
>Of course, my opinion is that they should not have been placed in 
>Numarray to begin with as the fit better as modules in SciPy.
>But, given the situation.  Should we bring them over to NumPy?  Or, 
>perhaps provide a small package that contain these modules separately?
>With the numarray c_api that is now available in NumPy, these can be 
>easily ported.  It would be nice to have decided this by 1.0beta release 
>at the end of the week.
>Discussion please...
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