[Numpy-discussion] Problem converting a numarray extension to numpy

Paul Barrett pebarrett at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 23:01:46 CDT 2006

I'm having a problem converting a C extension module that was
originally written for numarray to use numpy.  I using swig to create
a wrapper flle for the C code.  I have added the
numpy.get_numarray_include() method to my setup.py file and have
changed the numarray/libnumarray.h to use numpy/libnumarray.h.  The
extension appears to compile fine (with the exception of some warning
messages).  However, when I import the module, I get a segfault.  Do I
need to add anything else to the share library's initialization step
other than import_libnumarray()?

This is using Python 2.4.3 and gcc 4.1.1 on FC5.

 -- Paul

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