[Numpy-discussion] Problem converting a numarray extension to numpy

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Mon Jul 24 14:18:46 CDT 2006

Paul Barrett wrote:
> I'm having a problem converting a C extension module that was
> originally written for numarray to use numpy.  I using swig to create
> a wrapper flle for the C code.  I have added the
> numpy.get_numarray_include() method to my setup.py file and have
> changed the numarray/libnumarray.h to use numpy/libnumarray.h.  The
> extension appears to compile fine (with the exception of some warning
> messages).  However, when I import the module, I get a segfault.  Do I
> need to add anything else to the share library's initialization step
> other than import_libnumarray()?

No, that should be enough.   The numarray C-API has only been tested on 
a few extension modules.  It's very possible some of the calls have 

It's also possible you have an older version of numpy lying around 
somewhere.   Do you get any kind of error message on import?


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