[Numpy-discussion] I've created a 1.0b1 release tag in SVN

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 11:14:42 CDT 2006

Travis Oliphant wrote:
> I've created the 1.0b1 release tag in SVN and will be uploading files 
> shortly to Sourceforge.
> I've also created a 1.0 release branch called ver1.0
> The trunk is now version 1.1 of NumPy and should be used for 
> new-development only.  I don't expect 1.1 to come out for at least a year.
> Bug-fixes and small changes can happen on the 1.0 branch.  These will be 
> merged periodically to 1.1 or vice-versa.  But, the 1.0 branch will be 
> used for releases for the next year.
 > AFAIK, this is similar to Python's release plan.

Let's not make a branch until 1.0 is actually out and we are making 1.0.x 
releases. It's confusing since at the moment, the trunk is not getting any 
activity. It's not the main trunk of development. Some people have already come 
to the list confused about where to get the code with fixes to the bugs they've 
reported. The branches are getting too far diverged at the moment. It's going to 
be hell merging them, and we are going to lose the revision history when we do 
merge. The revision messages won't be joined with the the changes they talk about.

In point of example, Python development for a 2.x version goes on the trunk 
until the actual release of 2.x. Then a 2.x branch is created for maintainings 
2.x.y and the trunk develops for 2.x+1. We aren't going to be working on 1.1 
until 1.0 is actually out the door.

Robert Kern

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