[Numpy-discussion] Moving docstrings from C to Python

Stefan van der Walt stefan at sun.ac.za
Fri Jul 28 09:54:00 CDT 2006


Travis recently advertised the add_docstring and add_newdoc functions,
which are used to add documentation to functions written in C.  This
brings the advantage that you don't have to recompile everytime you
change a docstrings, and also that the docstrings are much simpler to
format (no more "\n\" tokens all over the place).

I took all the docstrings from numpy.core.src.multiarray and formatted
them to be used with add_docstring.  I have two questions:

Would anyone mind if the change was made?  If not, where should they
go? (numpy/add_newdocs.py or numpy/core/something)

Thanks for the feedback.

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