[Numpy-discussion] Release notes please; possible bugs

Tom Loredo loredo at astro.cornell.edu
Fri Jul 28 13:12:07 CDT 2006

Hi folks,

It is turning out to be much more of a headache moving from
numpy-0.9.x to numpy-1.0b1 than it ever was moving from Numeric
to numpy.  Could someone please throw together some release
notes (the scipy & sourceforge RN pages are blank) or a Wiki
page warning what has to be changed?  Here are some stumbling
blocks I've come across:

* Type names are all now lower case.  I know this started
happening late in 0.9.x, but I only know it by accident, via
some email from Travis.  This is just one example of the kind
of change that really needs to be prominently noted somewhere.

* .nonzero() now returns a 1-tuple with an array of indices, 
for a 1-d array.  Before it returned an array of indices.

* In the C API, ContiguousFromObject is now ContiguousFromAny.
I am surprised that my libraries compile with no errors; I
only get a runtime error.  Shouldn't I be warned about this
at compile-time?

* mtrand still uses ContiguousFromObject in a few places; these
give exceptions when you call, e.g., setstate.

* rand, fft, ift are no longer in the numpy namespace.  Is
this a permanent change or a bug?

There are probably other obstacles I'll come across, but this
is what I encountered in code that ran perfectly with 0.9.6.
After several hours of work it's still not running.

-Tom Loredo

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