[Numpy-discussion] Egg support

Robert Crida robert.crida at ska.ac.za
Mon Jul 31 02:37:35 CDT 2006


I am interested in building numpy using the bdist_egg option. Unfortunately
it doesn't appear to be quite working properly. When I tried it with
0.9.8then it successfully build an egg file but this had problems when
I tried
using it. I thought I would look at 1.0b1 and discovered that it would not
build the egg at all. The problem is in numpy.distutils.core where it checks
if "setuptools" in sys.modules. In my case, I have setuptools installed
using ez_setup.py and hence it appears to be qualified by a version number
and hence doesn't pass the test. I tried modifying the code to look more
like an earlier option, ie test by trying to import setuptools within a try
block and that worked fine. I then had a look at the trunk and discovered
that the test was still being performed the same way, ie if "setuptools" in
sys.modules, however there is now a setupegg.py file in the root. Now it
seems that this is a bit of an odd workaround and I was wondering if there
was any compelling reason for not reverting to the mechanism for testing
availability of setuptools using a try block?

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