[Numpy-discussion] numpy vs numarray

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Mon Jul 31 12:33:41 CDT 2006

Louis Cordier wrote:
> Hmmm, I think people are spreading "fud" (lower case)...
> http://media.libsyn.com/media/awaretek/Python411_060530_Numeric.mp3
I listened to this and it looks like Sergio Ray is giving an intro class 
on scientific computing with Python and has some concepts confused.   We 
should take this as a sign that we need to keep doing a good job of 
educating people.

Here are some things he has confused:

NumPy == Numeric

He tells his class that numarray is going to replace NumPy

SciPy == Enthon

He thinks that the Enthon distribution *is* SciPy.  So, he tells his 
class that SciPy is "hard to use" on Unix because the Enthon 
distribution isn't available for Unix.

I'm not sure when this recording was done but it was released on Python 
411 at the end of May and he mentions this years SciPy conference with 
Guido as the key-note speaker so it was within the past few months.

Other than that it has some good introductory material on what the Num* 
packages provide to Python.


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