[Numpy-discussion] Missing docstrings

David Huard david.huard at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 10:39:26 CDT 2006

For the beta release, it would be nice if every function had a docstring,
even a small one.  See Ticket

Missing docstrings:
In [116]: ['issubsctype', 'unicode_', 'string', 'float96', 'pkgload',
'void', 'unicode0', 'void0', 'object0', 'memmap', 'nan_to_num',
'PackageLoader', 'object_', 'dtype', 'unsignedinteger', 'uintc', 'uint0',
'uint8', 'chararray', 'uint64', 'finfo', 'add_newdoc', 'array_repr',
'array_str', 'longlong', 'int16', 'mat', 'uint', 'correlate', 'int64',
'choose', 'complexfloating', 'recarray', 'mean', 'str_', 'ulonglong',
'matrix', 'uint32', 'byte', 'ctypes_load_library', 'signedinteger', 'ndim',
'number', 'bool8', 'msort', 'bool_', 'inexact', 'broadcast', 'short',
'ubyte', 'std', 'double', 'require', 'take', 'issubclass_', 'longfloat',
'deprecate', 'bincount', 'array2string', 'float64', 'ushort', 'float_',
'geterrobj', 'iterable', 'intp', 'flexible', 'sctype2char', 'longdouble',
'flatiter', 'generic', 'show_config', 'i0', 'uintp', 'character', 'uint16',
'float32', 'int32', 'integer', 'get_printoptions', 'seterrobj',
'add_docstring', 'intc', 'var', 'int_', 'histogram', 'issubdtype', 'int0',
'int8', 'record', 'obj2sctype', 'single', 'floating', 'test', 'string0']

In the process of adding docstrings, I noted some slight bugs:

bincount returns an error if the input array mixes float and ints, while it
accepts lists with mixed floats and ints.

histogram does not deal gracefully with the range attribute. All values
greater than range[1] are put in the last bin, which is probably not the
expected behavior.


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